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A weekend at the sea in Essaouira

It’s beginning of November and I want to escape the hectic London life, forget the grey days and smell the sea. A ticket is soon booked and before we know it we step foot on Moroccan soil. Essaouira it is … Continue reading

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Discover Menorca

Ever thought about visiting Mallorca’s smaller brother in front of the Spanish coast? Have a read and consider this as it’s so worth a visit. This island gives you all a Spanish island can offer, but not the super tourist boost … Continue reading

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Yoga in Mauritius

Total zen comes to you when you enter Mauritius and see the pristine beaches, smiling people, and tropical heat. But to make it even better there are some great yoga places to visit. I’ve checked a few in the North … Continue reading

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Biarritz as your holiday destination

My friend’s mum has a house in Biarritz and invited me to join for a bit over summer. The South of France, catching up with a lovely friend, and beach are the best reasons to convince me to join. I … Continue reading

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The 5 best yoga spots in the world

On my travels I often try to squeeze in a yoga session. When I arrive to a holiday destination I frantically start looking for the flyers at organic cafes, talk to the hippie crowd in town and bother the hotel … Continue reading

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Why go to Costa Rica?

Everybody knows that Costa Rica has no army, two sides of the country facing the ocean, amazing tropical forest, lovely weather, but is this worth all these hours in a plane? What can you find that will astonish you, surprise you … Continue reading

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Yoga in Montezuma, Costa Rica

While the west coast of Costa Rica is known for its organic and health conscious culture it is with no surprise that you can find an abundance of yoga places here. And as you have the tropics on your doorstep … Continue reading

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