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Naples as a destination

Staying in Naples for the weekend? People look at me wary wondering why I would do that. The fact that we had a friend showing us some good spots, and we are always up to beat the odds, were good … Continue reading

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Street art in Buenos Aires

I was pretty sure I shared my Argentinian street art trip with you already. But I hadn’t. And while it is a year ago now, I still have the best memories of what I have seen in Buenos Aires. We … Continue reading

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My current top 3 restaurants in London…

Restaurants come and go continuously in London. Probably by the time that you intend to visit any of the below they might have vanished. But if not, I would definitely urge you to try one of the three below. 108 … Continue reading

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5 reasons to visit Jordan

Jordan is like a playground for grown ups. You need decent transport to get around, and then within a couple of hours you can go from culture, to relaxing, to adrenaline drive. Let me convince you why Jordan should be … Continue reading

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Restaurants in Stockholm

To keep in the winter mood ….. I was in Stockholm again a few weeks ago and all was covered in snow. It was beautifully serene, but my colleagues were already a bit fed up with it. It didn’t stop … Continue reading

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In the snow!

While half of Europe is covered under a good layer of white snow fun, I’m already thinking about the next trip with a palm tree. But I need to tell you first about Alpbach, a tiny village a stone throw … Continue reading

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A weekend at the sea in Essaouira

It’s beginning of November and I want to escape the hectic London life, forget the grey days and smell the sea. A ticket is soon booked and before we know it we step foot on Moroccan soil. Essaouira it is … Continue reading

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Never heard of Folegandros in Greece?

Me neither, but supposedly it was the perfect Greek island to balance crazy, expensive, over the top Mykonos. We booked a ticket to Santorini, and then took the boat which needed 1.5hrs to get us to Folegandros. From London after … Continue reading

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Street art in Istanbul

What a diverse city Istanbul is! You can see that the economy is growing which brings with it a city that shows different faces. The upscale areas for the super rich, sky scrapers were work happens, and the buzzing old … Continue reading

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Where to go for a nature dip in Argentina?

Argentina stretches 3,700 km from North to South and 1,400 from East to West at its widest points. This makes it a country with an abundance of nature in different climate zones. So where to go if you have a … Continue reading

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