Naples as a destination

Staying in Naples for the weekend? People look at me wary wondering why I would do that. The fact that we had a friend showing us some good spots, and we are always up to beat the odds, were good enough reasons. And we were not disappointed.

Amazing architecture – indeed Naples is not a polished city like Florence, or Rome, but you can see buildings have the potential to be beautiful when they would get that bit of extra attention. And looking around you with this different eye, will make you appreciate the history that those buildings have behind them.


Good food and great drinks – anywhere in Italy we expect to get good food. As long as you look out for it. Our friend took us to La Frescheria, a great fish restaurant where you can try the traditional fresh tartare and lobster pasta. We continued after with drinks at Riot Laundry Bar and had the best night.


Live entertainment – in the middle of old town I went to Palazzo Venezia to have a a drink at the secret garden that is a quiet oasis in the buzzy center. When I walked in, I was surprised by an Opera performance of two singers in one of the historical rooms. It was a perfect break in the afternoon.


Pompeii – it is one of the most impressive sides giving us insights in life before Christ (Pompeii is said to be covered by the eruption from Vesuvius in 79 AD). It is worth a visit to roam around and just imagine what life would have been at that time.


Madre museum – we agreed to do a mix of old stones (Pompei) and modern art this weekend and so we came to visit Madre – the Museum of Contemporary Art – before going to some of the other museums. And I didn’t regret it. The museum has a vibrant entrance and houses a great combination of Italian modern artists and well established international artists like Anselm Kiefer, Carl Andre, Andy Warhol, and Cindy Sherman. To see these next to Italian artists that I was not so familiar with was great. And then the statue on the courtyard of The Man Measuring the Clouds, sublime!


Pizza – the pizzas are great I have heard. While I’m not eating cheese Pizza is often not the most exciting dish to choose. So I normally go for the pasta, anti pasta and Italian desserts. But in Naples we had to go to eat Pizza. We went to … and I chose a pizza with anchovies and rocket salad and had the waiter double confirm that he would leave off the cheese. When he came with the order though I saw patches of melted yellow stuff on the plate. I questioned the waiter, reminding him that I specifically asked pizza without cheese and without blinking an eye he said:”But that is Mozzarella”. I said:”Indeed that looks like it, did I not specifically ask without cheese?”. And again he repeated:”But that is Mozzarella”. With a few more times going back and forth and two more waiters not being able to confirm the link between cheese and Mozzarella, we had the head chef look at us also as if we were from another planet and made a new pizza for me. Which was really tasty by the way!

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