Street art in Buenos Aires

I was pretty sure I shared my Argentinian street art trip with you already. But I hadn’t. And while it is a year ago now, I still have the best memories of what I have seen in Buenos Aires. We went on a stroll with a guide in the afternoon through Coghlan and saw some great pieces. In this area a non profit organisation is the intermediar to link artists with inhabitants of the area to commission outdoor walls of their house or apartment to an street artist to decorate.

Tales of the Parrots – is the name of the piece below and was painted by Argentinian street artist Martin Ron. It has different scenes from the neighbourhood and what was suggested to him over the 16 days it took for him to paint this. The word is he covered the intimates from the leading man with a parrot when a neighbour complaint.


Alice Pasquina – is the artist who painted the dancers on the right. She likes walls that live and have different shapes. She integrated a connection with the palm tree in the background becoming part of her painting. Emotion and relations between people are the things that come back in her work all the time.


And how about these somewhat darker pieces. I love the one that captures the entrance to the hall with these two androgyneous persons playing the drums each with their odd animal facing them.


Jiant – is the artist who painted the flamengo with the little house. His beak almost protects it and in the background you see the ton sur ton graphics that illustrate the visual on the wall.


El Marian – the painting below is from the street artist El Marian. He painted this homeless person with his dog and it has become one of the most iconic pieces in the neighbourhood. The rhino in the vibrant blue and green colors is from the artist Ice.


Primo – is the artist name of the pieces of art painted by two cousins. The one of Joe Daley is at a place where jazz used to play an important role. The other two are just as stunning and make a great stand out in the streets.


Fintan Magee – an Australian street artist already did 3 other pieces of street art before he painted ‘ the displaced ‘ at this four storey high building.



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