My current top 3 restaurants in London…

Restaurants come and go continuously in London. Probably by the time that you intend to visit any of the below they might have vanished. But if not, I would definitely urge you to try one of the three below.

108 garage – Notting Hill – the name says it all. This is a former Garage now turned into a restaurant with a rustic industrial feel. The food is the minimal style, so you would need to love that. The plates look great, and the tastes are even more exquisite. If you want to treat yourself or anybody else this is a great one for you to book.


The Shed – Notting Hill – with a bigger brother ‘Rabbit’ in South Ken they have experience with their wild food and combining styles. It is lovely to go here with a bigger group as you order different smaller and bigger plates per round and share with each other. The clunky location as an add on build to a house, properly looking like a shed, makes you feel you have detected a great restaurant in your neighbour’s garden. Do check to do a reservation.


The Barbary – Soho – don’t make the effort to do a reservation unless you want to do dinner at 5pm? That’s the only time they take reservations for, so after it is about a wait list. You are asked to take a wait around the bar which is where they will be served you dinner later on. This is the third restaurant from the people from Palomar, and The Blue Post. As you are seated around the bar you will have a close look at the chefs doing your thing giving you good entertainment throughout. The food is of the standard of their sibling’s restaurant, so make sure you come on an empty stomach.



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