5 reasons to visit Jordan

Jordan is like a playground for grown ups. You need decent transport to get around, and then within a couple of hours you can go from culture, to relaxing, to adrenaline drive. Let me convince you why Jordan should be your next trip.

Petra tour – the treasury in Petra is probably one that might be in the back of your mind to visit one day. Get it to the number one spot as this place is amazing! After a walk in between the rocks you will get to the hidden city of Petra and the first site is the Treasury, the leading temple in Petra thought to be constructed in 100 AD. You continue your walk back in time and will see well-preserved temples, tombs, old theatres and a monastery. History preserved it so well that you truly feel how it would have been to be there at the time and live in these surroundings.


Dead sea floating – we go from culture to chill as Jordan has access to the Dead Sea and you must experience what floating in water really is like. With 33% of salt in this sea (vs 3% normally), your limbs get pushed to the surface and the best thing to do is lay on your back and float. Just explaining this won’t do it, you need to try to experience this. Another amazing place to go in Jordan.

dead sea

Four wheel drive in the desert – and then the adrenaline kick. In the far South the desert takes over the Jordan landscape. Head to Wadirum and find a landscape with rock formations, stretches of red sand and a view that reminds you of when Lawrence of Arabia spent his time here. A good guide will take you to the best view points, show  inscriptions in the rocks, and get you to a sunset point that you will never forget.


Ride the ships of the deserts – maybe a camel ride is a once in a life time and when in Jordan and in the desert I think you will be able to find this bedouin family that takes good care of their tool for a nice source of income and you should give it a try. We joined on an afternoon and had camel mum and dad, camel daughter and tiny 1 month old son joining on a stroll. We had a great view, and experience being bumped up and down when striding through the sand.


Eat Mansaaf – and eat what the locals eat! In Jordan the family dish is Mansaaf which includes rice, coconut milk sauce, and lamb, lots of it. It is served on the local bread on a big tray and eaten with your hands. You mesh the ingredients to become a ball in your hand and take your bite. Definitely a nice first for us cutlery driven eaters.


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1 Response to 5 reasons to visit Jordan

  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Lieve Mariska, weer mooi beschreven, echter je schrijft niets over jouw “”Zwem ervaring”” in de dode zee. Ik weet dat er gewoon niet te zwemmen was, alleen maar drijven
    Mar van Beukering


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