Restaurants in Stockholm

To keep in the winter mood ….. I was in Stockholm again a few weeks ago and all was covered in snow. It was beautifully serene, but my colleagues were already a bit fed up with it. It didn’t stop me from enjoying it and taking the stroll to the restaurant that has now made it in my top 4 list.

Asian Post Office – the name gives it away: this restaurant is about Asian food. Shared in a tapas style wonderful dishes are served and get enjoyed, just to name a few of the favorites: popcorn shrimps, tuna tartar, BBQ lamb lollipop…. they were all to die for. The decoration is well thought through as every table is situated in a way that it creates a lovely intimate corner. This makes it a perfect setting for a night out where you appreciate to engage with all on your table.


Snickarbacken 7 – maybe more for a good lunch Snickarbacken was a great ‘authentic goes hip’ place. It kept the native style to its dishes with a modern twist. And all of this in an amazing setting of an old building, with thick walls and high ceiling. But I won’t elaborate on this much longer as Snickarbacken 7 has closed and refers you know to its sister cafes kavallerietcafe or guestcafe. Check it out and let me know!


Hillenberg restaurant – But don’t worry, if you are looking for locally inspired dishes and in a sophisticated environment Hillenberg is your pick. It has a great bar area where you can get the best cocktails, and a spacious restaurant area for your lunch, brunch or dinner. You will find your lax, skagen toast, or roe all in a Southern Europe with Scandinavian twist style. Pure pleasure.


Restaurant J – and what could be better than go to a restaurant while exploring the archipelago a bit. This restaurant is a 20 minute boat ride from the center on Nacka Island. You will need to go here in summer as the terrace will be buzzing with locals going for a drink after work. This place is more about enjoying the environment than the food as you have a great view over the waters. But if you are into a marine style menu with oysters, lobster and burger with fries this is your place to go.


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1 Response to Restaurants in Stockholm

  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Lieve Mariska,

    Krijg jij commissie voor de beschrijving van deze restaurants. Het klinkt in iedere geval goed en lekker!

    Verstuurd door Mar van Beukering



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