Never heard of Folegandros in Greece?

Me neither, but supposedly it was the perfect Greek island to balance crazy, expensive, over the top Mykonos. We booked a ticket to Santorini, and then took the boat which needed 1.5hrs to get us to Folegandros. From London after half a day of travel we arrived and were ready for a few days chill enjoying Greek life.

We stayed at Hotel Odysseus in the main town at the center of the island. This hotel has a really nice location overlooking the sea possibly from every hotel window. It has an ever so lovely swimming pool and we were just a few steps away from the town center.


It was this kind of island and town that after a few days you were a local at beez bar and the bar man knows your name and drink. That kind of island where you take your coffee and breakfast in the main square in the morning to start the day, and you’ll see how the fresh fish gets delivered for your meal that evening at Xrystostalia restaurant. That kind of island that seems to be perfect indeed to say hi to summer and enjoy all the Cyclades has to offer in terms of sunshine, beaches, good food and friendly people.


For the beaches make friends with the hotel owner of where you are staying. The wind can get rough and that might spoil your day when you are on the wrong side of the island. Their advise is crucial for where you should go that day. We checked out Catargo beach which we reached taking the boat from the main port. We also went to Fira beach, which was a bus ride to Agkali town and then a bit of a rocky walk to this remote beach with the most beautiful  aqua blue waters. We also enjoyed Livadaki beach, which after the bus ride to Agkali is about taking a small boat heading to Agios Niolaos. All these beaches are pretty secluded with blue waters and pebbles.


If these beaches are not remote enough for you do a boat trip for the day. This will get you to some of the above beaches, but also a few others that are even less crowded and isolated. It’s a great trip to get orientated on what you’re looking for in terms of going to a secluded beach and hence what beach to go to the next day.

And also on this island we were able to find a yoga teacher to join us for a session. We convinced the hotel that the roof from one of their apartments was the best place to do this, and so we were able to get a great spot with sea view. When the sun came down we were in downward dog and saw the sun set peeping through our legs.


In the evening we checked out the local restaurants (try Zefiros Anemos, Pounta Garden, or Xrystostalia) and took a drink at the main square next to the church. And we often continued having fun at one of the three bars with some locals or other tourists that had made the extra effort to get to Folegandros. We had our sought after chill, built nice memories and can highly recommend spending some time here.


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