Street art in Istanbul

What a diverse city Istanbul is! You can see that the economy is growing which brings with it a city that shows different faces. The upscale areas for the super rich, sky scrapers were work happens, and the buzzing old town where you might still see a donkey pulling the goods. And of course this means that there often also is that creative hub where designers, art lovers, and vagabonds find their like minded spirits.


In Istanbul this is Kadikoy at the Asian side. If you stay at the European side you might want to take a boat from Karakoy or Besiktas for a 20 minutes boat ride to get there instead of a taxi on the always busy roads. For me it meant high expectations on a street art opportunity. And I was not disappointed.

Most of the street art that I run into was on the side of a building where a parking lot was created. It meant that the different ‘ canvases ‘ were often comparable sizes and huge!


The artists splash out in their often gloomy colors and address inspiration from different elements of life, but often challenging politics and societal thinking. For example this work from the Polish artist Sepe that he created with Chazme. This looks as one of his themes that addresses that individuality doesn’t seem to exist anymore and his characters can only exist as a mass.


Or how about this work from INTI a Chilean born artist that uses vibrant colours and draws from themes like life, death and ancient religion.

INTIRealAnd this one from Pixel Pancho, who just as INTI, is using an artist name. The works of this Italian born street artist are inspired by famous artists. The robotic figurines are another of his trademark.


And please note these others, where you will stop and wonder what brought the artist to draw what you see in front of you. Even if you want to stop for a break in Kadikoy you will find a nice spot – for example Coffee 1848 – often with a lovely street art backdrop.


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