Where to go for a nature dip in Argentina?

Argentina stretches 3,700 km from North to South and 1,400 from East to West at its widest points. This makes it a country with an abundance of nature in different climate zones. So where to go if you have a week to spare to see something of this country? Being advised by a well-travelled local friend Juanito, we went to the seven lakes in Patagonia, which is approximately 2000km South of Buenos Aires and next to the Chile border.


San Martin de los Andes – we flew into San Martin de los Andes and stayed at a lovely spa hotel – Amonite Hotel – which treated us to a great outdoor pool consistently kept at 26 degrees. And this was needed as being more South and next to the Andes mountains this meant that temperatures where already dropping when we went there in March at the end of their summer.


This small little town next to the lake brings nature at your doorstep. We enjoyed the environment with a walk and checking their ‘miradores’ for the best views. While in Argentina fish is not a core element in this area though trout was a standard on the menu. We went to Ulises for dinner and had great service and authentic dishes. Another recommendation is El Meson, where the food was great but service needed a bit more attention.


Villa la Angostura – from San Martin we took a 2 hours drive through the amazing landscape and passed several of these seven lakes to get to Villa la Angostura. The advice of Juanito was great as we drove through town and got to a small bay – bahia Manzano – just after, which was a little paradise. We were staying at Hotel Puerto Sur which is built on the mountain and therefore has the best view over the bay. Using the best of the location the room had a window from the bed that gave you that bay view. And of course it had an infinity pool which made you feel one with nature. We spent the time visiting the little town, walks around the bay and hanging around the pool. Perfect to soak in the beautiful area and get chill before heading back to Buenos Aires.



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  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Weer een mooi verhaal van het land van Ricky

    Verstuurd door Mar van Beukering


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