3 totally different restaurants in Istanbul

Recently I was in Istanbul for a long weekend and had the chance to visit three totally different restaurants. The first we went to was Sur Balik.

Sur Balik – is located in Arnavutkoy, an area with beautiful historic buildings all from wood. The wood carvings on the outdoors make you feel like you step back in time. I definitely would recommend to stroll through during the day also for a bit of shopping in the boutique shops and a stop for a juice break at eggo. But back to Sur Balik. This fish restaurant has a great team. They come by with a big plate to show you all the starters to choose from. Then you go over to pick your fish for the main course and you’re set for a great meal. With a bit of a Bosphorus view you would want to secure a spot on the terrace. Enjoy!


Sunset restaurant – while this restaurant is about hip and happening, I think you still need to go. It is located on the hilly side of Istanbul and is in a spot where you have an amazing view over the Bosphorus. This restaurant is about the outdoors, with a good outdoor bar, outdoor restaurant, and probably outdoor dance floor when the occasion. The food is modern Turkish fusion and good quality. Make sure to dress up.


Da Mario restaurant – is in an upscale residential area of Istanbul. You will feel like you are visiting someone’s home when you enter through the garden. Ask for the garden area for your reservation if the weather is good. We had a purpose to go Italian because of a sport event the next day and we needed to get the carbs in. With the great Italian food in this restaurant we got all we needed and a lovely atmosphere and staff.

Oh, and BTW if you want a great breakfast with Bosphorus view, go to Lokma.


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