How do you sell a car in Argentina?

And 4 other facts about Argentinian life….

Selling a car – traveling through Argentina I noticed that you would often see a car in a quiet street with a bottle placed on its roof. It seemed a bit random and with streets being pretty clean in general it didn’t seem to be left clutter. So when I asked it turned out that this is how people indicate their car is for sale. The bottle is most often an old plastic jerry can, with some water to give it weight and a note attached with contact details. Why use ‘webuyanycar’.com when you can use a bottle?


Eating dessert – At any time of the day you can invite a fellow Argentinian to join you for a sweet snack – postres. The collection of super sweet cakes is tremendous. You can find lemon cake, tiramisu, alfajores inspired pyramids of sugar, chocolate cake, cheesecake, mousse de maracuya and many more. They use dulce de lecce as a main ingredient in many of those, being the local sweetener. It won’t be hard to find one of those places and check the desserts for your local favorite. dessert

Classic cars – Cuba is known for the Volvo Amazone’s on the street, in Argentina you will find even so many other classic cars. This can be old Chevrolets, Mercedes or other. They are not all in a perfect condition, but when they are, they are the little gems on the street.

classics No fish on a BBQ – being not so much a meat eater is a bit of a challenge in Argentina. You would think with a coast that stretches from North to South eating fish is well embedded in this culture. But this is a meat country. I could think of amazing grilled shrimp skewers, pulpo, cod with dille and lime, but there was no inspiration when the piece of fish secured for me finally landed on the grill. Don’t get me wrong it was great fish I got, but the love and attention was definitely directed towards the meat on the grill and not this odd piece of fish that lay next to it.


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