A wedding in Argentina

You meet a man, you hang around with him for a bit and then he invites you to a wedding of one of his best friends in Argentina. The story goes it is about lots of food and a great party time, so the plane tickets got booked and off we go to Mar del Plata, 400km south of Buenos Aires for my first Argentinian wedding.


The festivities started with the civil ceremony in a cramped location of the registry office with friends and family. While this was quickly over we moved to a restaurant with outdoor bar area for some drinks and food. This was around 12 in the morning …… and we were still there at 7. During these hours we had food ranging from empanadas, to hamburgers, meat from the bone, a dessert buffet, and of course drinks and music. The crowd started throwing water at each other around 4pm which was supposedly a tradition. Probably instigated by a culture where heat and drinks go hand in hand. It was a bit wet, a bit borracho, and a great kick off for more to come.


Two days later was the wedding day where the church ceremony and a party were the main events. The church ceremony started around 6.30pm in a little catholic church in the country side. A fashionable crowd filled the church and listened to the vows and the priest giving his blessings. From there we moved to the venue for the long waited wedding party. In the country side in the middle of nowhere a big farm/ranch was remodeled to a festival like area with food trucks, pop up cocktail bars and music area.


It was a great evening. While we were entertained with a live band, DJ and a bandoneon player the best thing was that the crowd didn’t leave a moment to dance together and have an amazing time. Cumbia was what kept them all going with intermezzos where we needed to get energized and we were spoiled with sushi, fresh wok dishes, hamburgers or fish skewers. You probably wonder what about a barbecue? It was in the schedule but while Mar del Plata had 6 months of solid sunny days, this was the chosen day to rain cats and dogs. The indoor venue was able to accommodate all that was planned for indoors, except for the barbecue. It didn’t spoil the fun and while I’m recovering in the Hotel spa from getting back at 6 am in the morning, I can say that I had the best time and would definitely come back for another one.

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1 Response to A wedding in Argentina

  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Lieve Mariska en Ricky

    Een uitgebreide bruiloft zo te lezen en goed verzorgt, en als ik het goed lees werd deze nog extra ingezegend van boven af.

    Nog het een en ander gezien in Argentina behalve familie van Ricky Geniet er van. zeker van het mooie najaars- weer daar. Hier is het redelijk maar van het weekend wordt het weer koud

    Je vader


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