SoPi in Paris

I was in Paris again a few weeks ago in a totally different area from where I normally stay. A great opportunity to try bars and restaurants that were on my list, but I didn’t have a chance to check yet. I stayed close to Montmartre in South Pigalle (SoPi for the locals). This area has been known for being a creative hub, but has gone through times where it might not have been so popular and run down. Now it is all back on the radar and new restaurants and bars pop up. Please find a few that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit.

Restaurant Buvette, 28 rue Henry Monnier – a typical small French restaurant where half of the place is occupied by a bar. So don’t hesitate to try a cocktail before you join for food, for which I urge you to try to make a reservation. You might want to do it the Parisian way and wait when something becomes available, but if you can be organized this might make your life easier. While typical French and sourcing with local farmers, there is also a Buvette in New York and soon to be opened in Tokyo. The menu is build for you to choose 2 or 3 portions per person and share amongst your group. As it is not a big menu we tried almost all of the it amongst ourselves and loved it.


Restaurant LÉntree des Artistes – again one for which I would urge you to make a reservation. You will need to have a bit of a search for this as only the door number and the plate on the door will give away that you have joined at the right place. This is a bigger restaurant over two floors with cosy corners for when you are just two. The menu was a little bit of a step up from Buvette but with a similar concept: smaller dishes to share, and with exquisite taste and finesse. The price quality ratio was really good and this combined with great company made that we had a wonderful night out.


For bars and cocktails I think it will be good to check the crowd when you are there. The popularity of places change rapidly and one day it might be great and the other day you might be disappointed. If you want some guidance, check Dirty Dick or Hotel Particulier, where the first one is an urban bar and the second is the sophisticated environment where you can sip your premium cocktails with an even so sophisticated crowd.

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1 Response to SoPi in Paris

  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Mariska, Je weet ze wel te vinden. Nog geen ijs om te schaatsen maar het komt wel zeggen ze We wachten het af!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad Mar van Beukering



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