Two days in Lisbon

Are you looking for a city trip with some sunshine and a possible sea breeze? Then Lisbon is the place to be. I went for a trip just recently and in the middle of European winter, I had mild weather and enough of blue sky to make you appreciate that it can’t be too long till summer again. Let me provide you my suggestions where to go when you have two days in this lovely city.


Firstly I would suggest that you find accommodation in Barrio Alto or Santa Caterina the next door neighbourhood. This is where the creative and hip scene is picking up and you will have a perfect combination of traditional Portuguese cafés, restaurants and bars, and modern pop-up shops and experiences. I stayed at an Airbnb apartment in Santa Caterina with a great landlord leaving me a great list of where to go. So maybe make the first day your concept store, pop-up shop wondering around day. If you do so make sure to pass by 21PR, Uzine – an amazing three story building with local brands setting up shop – , Vintage Decorations, Beirut Gallery and Embaixada.


For restaurants you might want to wander around the area and drop in for a lucky find. Artis Wine Bar is a great place for local tapas with amazing taste, good wine and that cosy atmosphere. If you want a more serious restaurant make a booking at The Pharmacia in the pharmacia museum and try some culinary highlights being guarenteed that they will be using local produces. Pass by Bar Majong for a drink later on, which has a quirky decor, great cocktails and good tunes. I don’t think the Facebook page really gives it a way though. And then finish the evening late at Park at the roof top of an old five level parking which will continue till 2 am with DJs playing and a party crowd.


The next day I urge you to jump on the bus or in a taxi to take you to Belem the neighbourhood a bit further out. Just a few years ago the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) opened and just the building itself is worth a visit. Its organic shape positioned alongside the river is captivating and challenging. You can get to the roof and have a spectacular view over town. If you have time drop by the museum and you will get to see changing exhibitions throughout the year and if it is like the one I visited, it will be as mesmerising as the building.


After this, walk back to the large bridge that you passed when getting to the MoA. Close to here you will find the Village Underground. This area is an industrial plot where the ‘East London’ crowd of Lisbon created their new haven. You will find old buildings where creative agencies found a new home, co working spaces, street art decorating the walls and some restaurant and bars where life will start in the evening. Check out what the times are to experience some of their events or special events. I had a very organic lunch in an old double bus with the opportunity to review the last two days and I started thinking about where the next visit would bring me.


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