Made in Blue restaurant in Sofia

What to expect from restaurants in Sofia which is a city with a turbulent history of different religions, disruptive rulers and known for corruption? I was happily surprised to find Made in Blue restaurant. This restaurant is based in a blue house in the center of Sofia, and boasts a modern menu, a lovely team and an interior design which is traditional and creative.


I made a reservation via their Facebook page and was welcomed like a long lost family member. I felt at home immediately although we were obviously the only tourists in there. They have a nice garden at the front of the house which I expect to be buzzing over summer when the weather allows you to consume your meal outside. The restaurant is spread over two floors and is decorated as a living room with elements reminding you of your grandma’s house but with a modern twist. For example in the toilet the mirror is bordered with serving trays decorated with a traditional Bulgarian design, in the bigger room you will find old tools fixed to the wall but then tens of them, and of course a lot of faded blues covering walls and tables.


The menu is an elaborate fusion mix created with organic produces. You will find a paella, quinoa salad, tiramisu and fish of the day capturing the things that are available now and popular today. Check some more examples of their food in the menu copied here. If you are looking for traditional Bulgarian meals this is not the place to be, but if you like a restaurant with a young and creative crowd, a wonderful healthy meal and a warm team make sure to drop them a note for a reservation and you will have a great evening.

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