5 things not to miss in Puglia

Do a day of lido life – a beach, a lifeguard with a six pack, sun beds, and a trattoria, this pretty much sums up  what an Italian lido is. You need to at least do two to know the drill. You will feel spoiled and looked after, and make sure to pick that white beach one:-). Check out my blog on my recommendations for beaches and lidos in Puglia.


View the trulli – yes, those quirky houses are pretty special and worth a d-tour when travelling around Puglia. But you really don’t need to make the effort to pass by Alberobello which is the Disney village for trulli. Instead I would suggest to pass the valley and go for a nice lunch overlooking some of those Puglia specials.


Do yoga on a roof top in Lecce – with the historical city all around what is better than to greet the morning with a sun salutation on a roof top terrace? I did just that with Siobhan who had transported her Scottish life to Italy to find out what life is all about. A yoga session with her story about this life changing decision to move from a commercial life in Scotland to an inspirational journey in Lecce, was the best for a slow wake up.


Go to Matera in the neighbouring provence – I want to call out on Matera, because it is a really special city. The old town of Sassi is carved out in the rocks and declared Unesco historical heritage in 1993. After being abandoned for over a decade this city picked up in the 90s and slowly developed to bring back inhabitants and tourists. It is now a city that breathes authenticity and is not overwhelmed with tourists yet. If you have a chance try to stay the night and wander through the streets exploring every corner.


Visit a historical Italian town – take Gallipoli, Nardo, Lecce, Ostuni or other and you will see amazing historical buildings (for sale), a wonderful small piazza with a coffee shop, a cathedral, and some nice restaurants for your dinner or lunch. Feel the Italian vibe, sweat with the sun on your back and chat with a mama who just happened to sit on her chair outside of her house.


Enjoy the sun set with lounge music – when you want to test some of those rocky sun locations, I suggest Santa Caterina. This small town has a lovely Lido, Beija Flor, on the bay with great food and the best chill out vibe I could find in Puglia. Spend an afternoon, go for a swim, have your lunch and wait for the sunset with the music in the background.


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