Will you come sailing in Croatia?

That’s was what I was asked this summer. And as I love sailing, hidden beaches, blue waters, sunshine and good company you can easily guess what my answer was. So we flew into Split and picked up the the boat in Marina Kremik. The boat was a Bavaria 37, which was good manageable with the crowd of four that we were with. Let me tell you my highlights during this trip.


Croatia for sailing – with loads of Island, great weather over summer and those blue waters it is one of the favorite destinations for group sailing. You will be chatting with your neighbours in the harbours, and exchange places to go or to avoid.

saling 3

Mooring in a bay – it was a first for me and I loved it. Yes, you worry whether that anchor is done right, and you are going to drift. And really do we need a thunderstorm with waves kicking in when you are about to go to sleep? But besides from that, it was great. You felt free like a bird, water all around to jump in when you needed, and nobody watching over your shoulder.


Zlarin – Zlarin is one of the first islands when you go north from Marina Kremik. And as we ripped our sail (different story), and we had winds at 7-8 knots, it was the perfect place for us to chill. With the restaurant Prslika just on the outskirts of the little village it can be a destination for you also. The food is all organic, they have a lovely secluded garden and great service. All the ingredients you need for a great meal.


Sibenik – is one of the bigger towns on mainland Croatia. It is worth a break though as it has a lovely old city center with little restaurants, cafe and bars. With the sailing boat you can embark right were all the buzz is, so you’re front row looking from your boat watching the visitors to town walk the boulevard. And don’t hesitate to drop in this yoga place in town if you have time before you sail off in the morning. I can definitely recommend it.


Primosten – this is the town where the big cruise ships drop off their tourists for a morning stroll. Build on a rock, it is an authentic, sweet little break when you are passing by. There is a little church on the top worth checking and some nice little cafe’s to wake up with a coffee.


Sailing – and then the sailing! Although it was late September it is a busy place for sailing. One of the harbours we planned to go, was full and we needed to do open mooring instead. So if you have specific harbours in mind, you might want to do a reservation. The water was as blue as expected and the wind was perfect. We had a day with a bit of chill, and days where we needed to work to keep it all in hand. Overall a perfect trip to close off summer.

Saling 2

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2 Responses to Will you come sailing in Croatia?

  1. Mar van Beukering says:

    Lieve Mariska, Weer een mooi verhaal, misschien goed genoeg voor de waterkampioen. Alleen ons bootje was gelukkig een maatje groter, 14 voet is ongeveer 4,20 meter kleiner dan de Centaur, Onze boot was gelukkig 37 voet, ongeveer 11,10 meter Scheelt wel heel wat comfortabeler slapen Kan je geen vertaling sturen voor de Waterkampioen

    Al olie bollen in de pan?

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad Mar van Beukering



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