Drinks in Puglia, Italy


We so like to hang out a bit, chill, watch people pass by and have a few tunes in the background. My favorite place that offered just this in Puglia is Baija Flor in Santa Caterina. We came to check out Barrveco, but were a bit disappointed on the place. We looked over the edge and saw this bar built on the cliffs with sun beds on the scattered decks that they built. The lounge tunes carried you away, a perfect sea view and a nice crowd was just what we needed while checking the sunset.


Quanto Basta is a great bar in Lecce created by two bar men with a passion. In the evening the bar gets crowded and the cocktails keep rolling. Diego Melorio is the hipster looking owner that takes his time for every customer to create one of his cocktail bests. Take a sip, check the crowd and enjoy the night.


Somewhere in the middle of nowhere and with a great view over the vineyards it is a different kind of place to have a drink. Bio masseria Lama di Luna is a traditional masseria created from an old monastery with a restaurant where you can have some great drinks in total chill. No lounge music, no hip crowd, but just you and your loved one(s) overlooking the amazing Puglia landscape.

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