Best restaurant in Warsaw

I’m totally cheating here. I came to Warsaw last week for the first time and only spent two days there. While I was still in the process of learning to love the city I was in the lucky position that I was taken out by a local to one of the newer restaurants that was top on his list.


Kieliszki na Hozej is in one of those Polish streets that doesn’t give away that you might just have come across food paradise. The restaurant has a fresh modern look with a chef’s table on the mezzanine overlooking the kitchen. The menu is a modern take on traditional Polish ingredients and the wine list is a great match. For starters we had a mix of wild chanterelles, amazing tomato salad, Polish sourdough bread with homemade mayonnaise, buttered herring and beef tartare. All with their specific sauces and dips. As a main I had the turbot, but one of the group had the more traditional deer saddles which looked great. It was a great evening in a great environment and taste buds that were challenged by new and different flavours. Give it a try when you are over and let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did, xx

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