Dinner in Lecce, Puglia

In a historical town in South Italy which draws in thousands of visitors every day over high season, it is hard to find some authentic restaurants between those touristy ones. Let me give you three that are worth a visit when you happen to be in Lecce.

Vico dei Sotterranei – let Via Giuseppe Libertine for what it is and check this restaurant in one of the side streets. They have some lovely outdoor space in a quiet street and serve great Italian food, mainly fishy stuff. I had a great ravioli with king prawns and tomato sauce. The salad I took as a side had a lovely touch with oranges and raisins. Decoration is a bit different, and service is lovely.


‘OO’ or Doppiozero – the terrace is an eye catcher and frequented by a nice crowd. This restaurant is mainly about their charcuterie and salads, which are a great treat and should be enough to fill you for the evening. Their main dishes are an Italian twist on some international combinations, and I’m not sure they got it (salmon with soya sauce Italian style?). You will come for those charcuterie boards, the chaotic but lovely Italian service and hanging out on the terrace.


Tormaresca – again a fish restaurant, but such a great one. We came for lunch and had some seafood and the authentic tuna tartare with bread. Both inside and outside has got that special touch, the service is great and food is amazing. Just what you want when on this culinary hunt in Italy.


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