Street art in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing colorful country. And this colorfulness also jumps out of the murals that you see when you travel through the country. I had the opportunity to spend some time in Tulum in Yucatan Mexico and view some great pieces when wandering the streets.


In downtown Tulum in the back streets there are the best pieces. This is one of my favorites from Aquarela a Miami based artist. The vibrant colors make this a wonderful decoration of the street with the Hotel sign matching perfectly with this surrounding.


That the wild life in Mexico is an inspiration for many shows through the street art with octopuses, birds, tigers, and flamingos which I saw.


And how about these two pieces from different artist but both inspired by displaying a setting where creatures with animal heads are enjoying a night out. This must but a thing, so please if you know more about this style, drop me a note.


And the graphic influence has not been ignored here either. The Tulum Coffee Art club in downtown Tulum has decorated its doors with a nice black and white piece. And a few streets further I found this other graphic one.

So besides from the Mayan temples, Cenotes, beach, and all other great things to see in Mexico, don’t forget to spend some time checking the creativity on the walls.

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