Paris: culture, fashion and culinary tips

Paris is  great place to go for a long weekend, and I don’t think I need to remind anybody of that. And while we probably all look for something else please find my tips in this blog for great food, a bit of fashion and culture.

Food – a coffee at Hotel Costes with a sweet or avocado lunch? It definitely gives you the feeling that you’re in a special place, so why not. Or go for lunch at Canard et Champagne, and indeed eat duck and drink Champagne. They serve 4 main dishes all with a different twist on the duck, and serve champagne as if it is water. For your  dinner check Miss Ko for an Asian modern twist with a great beat in the background or Monsieur Bleu for sophistication and amazing food with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


Culture – of course no visit to Paris without a visit to Palais de Tokyo. This museum of contemporary art is open each evening till midnight and has always been able to inspire and surprise me. I’ve been floating in a boat through the basement, stepped into a 3d artwork and saw amazing video art. Let me know when you go and whether you liked it. A few years ago Fondation Louis Vuitton opened in Bois de Boulogne. Currently artist Daniel Buren plastered the facade with its striking coloring. It has different exhibitions on, so when you’re done admiring the building and Daniel Buren’s artwork try to find some time to enjoy the inside. Or go to the other side of town and visit La Maison Rouge. This smaller museum often has exhibitions on that are related to French history or political developments. It is the perfect fun place to learn more about this country and its people.


Fashion – when I was in Paris this year it was Fashion week. And staying in the Marais neighbourhood half of the galeries were turned into showrooms for fashion brands. It meant that fashionable people were all around and we run into fashion shoots continuously at the corner from our hotel. A lovely atmosphere. For the shops to go, I give you three tips. First always check Colette. Yes, it is overcrowded with Japanese, but as one of the first concept stores in Europe it is still able to provide trends and new cooperation with brands to look out for. Second Merci with a more relaxed environment and in a space that is able to give more attention to its brands. And third, if you’re brave enough to ring the bell and wait to be admitted, visit one (or all) of the l’eclaireur shops for a dramatic emersion in exclusive brands in a museum-like environment.


Always beautiful, always authentic, always inspiring. Paris is a city that has it all and draws me in to come back over and over again.

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