About Mauritius: restaurants, beaches, nightlife and places to stay

Restaurants – Mauritian menus are often an eclectic mix to please the visitors and provide authentic dishes. So you will come across burgers and pizzas, but also their famous sausages, curries, and amazing seafood. In Grand Baie where I spent most of the time I found a few restaurants that I can definitely recommend. Le Capitaine is the up scale restaurant that offers this great mix, but if you want to go low-key and eat some great lobster go to Puchon in the center of town. La Botteghita is your place for great Italian food, and for the American vibe go to The Beach House. And don’t forget to check my favourite Visite Privee Restaurant, which just opened a few weeks ago and is a great place, with wonderful decoration and superb food.

If you want to really indulge yourself and feel pampered go to 20degrees Sud hotel for great cocktails, lovely food and service at their colonial restaurant. On the West coast at Belle Mare area, I would need to recommend The Plantation, with amazing sea view in The Residence resort.


Beaches – the beaches in Mauritius are amazing! White sand, the blue-est waters, and the best palm trees. But where to go best? The North is supposed to have a bit less rain in general, so that could be your base. The beaches are either public (with entrepreneurial locals providing sun beds) or private beaches with hotels. The private beaches are often accessible against a day rate. One to recommend is Lux resort, there are two on the island in the North. I tried the one at Belle Mare beach and found that the service is great, the spa is wonderful, and they will for sure have secured some white sandy beach for you. For public beaches Mont Choisy is a good pick or Trou au Biches. You will join and find a local that has sun beds, and truck food in the shade to support any food or drink request you might have. If you are in the South try to visit Shanti Mauritius, which is a wonderful private resort, again accessible for a day rate. It has some great restaurants and service to your sunbed at the beach.


Hotels – I stayed at a lovely apartment in Ocean Villas in Grand Baie in the North. There is a hotel adjacent so the advantage is that you can join the hotel facilities, but you are free to do so. It has a private beach which is lovely if you don’t want to bother driving around to find a good beach. At one of the next beaches you will find Mystik Hotel which is a bit more funky. It has the best rooftop bar, nice restaurant, swimming pool and a modern look and feel. If you want to go more traditional, and you have a budget to afford 5 stars check out 20degrees sud. This is a lovely colonial hotel with great service and on the beach.


Nightlife – There is nightlife in Mauritius that is to recommend to enjoy. As I spent most of the time in the North, Grand Baie, the recommendations are mainly in this area. Note that most of nightlife is happening on the weekend kicking off on Thursday. Go to Banana Beach Club for life music and a nice mix of locals and tourists. If you want to continue after there are a few options, for example club Les Enfants Terribles. This club is mainly frequented by locals and opens from approximately 11pm, and can have some great DJs on. It has a few rooms and a lovely outdoor area. Then you have OMG, and Insomnia/Vintage, where you will find an Asian crowd and popular music. But if you just want a chill after dinner, check the roof top bar at Mystik hotel for some nice tunes. I loved this one!


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