5 hard to find speakeasy bars in London

Being aware that my follower base for these blogs is still pretty low, I’m not afraid to disclose my favourite speakeasy bars in London and risk overcrowding;-). These five are all what you wish for: unique, hard to find for people not in the know, authentic, great service, and lovely drinks. So please check these out and join them on your next visit to London.

The Vault – Milroys – SOHO – Milroys is a whisky shop/bar in Soho with an elaborate collection of whiskies. But it is more like a shop than a bar, and when this comes recommended you wonder whether this is indeed the place to go. And then you walk to the back where you see a wall all covered in books and a sign pointing to a button. When you push this button, the bookshelf opens up and discloses a hidden staircase to the basement. This is where The Vault is and where you will see a lovely speakeasy bar, with great service and lovely cocktails.


Opium – Chinatown – This bar in the main street for Chinatown is also not revealing their entrance openly. On 15/16 Gerrard Street you need to ring the bell, or engage with the door men who seemed to be randomly standing in front of this Jade door. You will get up a few staircases and enter to the main bar with adjacent dim sum restaurant area. Over a few floors you will find a few bars and hidden rooms where to hide away with your best friends or lover. You will find that this bar offers a cocktail menu which will inspire and good choice of dim sum to add if you fancy a bite.

Discount Suit Company – Shoreditch – the name alone is worth a try, and it seems indeed taken from the original purpose of the building, with the name scattered amongst the facade as an advertisement. It is in the basement that you need to go, and will find the hidden gem of a bar. The bar is nice and cosy, serving great drinks and some nibbles.


Purl – Marylebone – The word purl refers to an old English drink consisting of warm ale, gin, wormwood and spices. Expect that English feel and a warm environment to hide for a few hours with friends. The cocktail menu is really strong and if you join on a Wednesday you might be surprised by some live jazz music. I suggest as with pretty much all of these bars to make reservations before joining. In these bars the attention that they want to give to customers and the limited space, will mean that they will monitor closely the people allowed in.

69 Colebrooke Row – Islington – this is the only one of the five which is on a ground floor. It exists since 2009 and feels like you walk into somebody’s living room. You need to adjust first to the dark environment, but you will feel at home straight away by the environment and the great hospitality of the staff. It has won several awards throughout its lifetime and it shows with any cocktail or drink that you order.


These are just a few to consider. I can’t imagine that it will take long before I will do another one talking about ‘the next top 5’. Don’t hesitate to share me yours;-).

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