8 hours in Dallas

A US city with over a million inhabitants, known for oil, cowboys and an 80s soapseries, what should you do here when you have a few hours to spare? There are a few things that I can advise you to go and do.

Knox Henderson – this area in uptown North Dallas has a few streets with quirky boutique shops in what seems a quiet neighbourhood. And note we are not talking big brands here, but a vintage clothing store with the most extensive collection (Vintage Martini), a colourful shops with all things Central America (La Mariposa), an art shop for local artist (Art is Art), a furniture store (Nest), and clothing /concept store (The Gypsy Wagon), and much more. Meanwhile you can take a break in the lovely restaurant Sissy’s and enjoy a nice lunch.


A local meal – you can be swept of your feet with an amazing fusion meal at the Reunion tower. On the 65th floor this upscale Wolfgang Puck restaurant with a rotating floor that slowly makes you see Dallas from all angles, serves Japanese style food with some local dishes. But if you want to go Texas style go to Bob’s Steak house, one of the premium steak houses in town that will serve you everything Texas.


Street Art – the walls of Dallas are decorated with a great mix of street art and vintage advertisement that bring back old times. Look up and you will see a different side of Dallas.



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