Mauritius? Is that not just about beaches?

When visiting Mauritius you probably envisioned a tropical break with lots of beach. As the beaches on the Island are white and magical you won’t be disappointed. But there are a lot of other things to do. Let me guide you through.

Vortex – this place in the South of Mauritius is noted as one of the 13 places in the world which has an elevated source of Energy, and is perceived as a healing centre for body and soul. Through meditation at this location rebalancing of energy levels will happen and give you a positive effect. My friend with whom I was travelling came with this knowledge and we joined this sacred place for the afternoon. It was the first day of our holidays, and I’m not sure whether it was the Vortex or the fact that it was the start of a relaxed holiday, but it certainly felt good to take a minute and rethink intentions for this week.


Catamaran trip – we stayed in Grand Baie for the majority of the trip and used one day to do a trip to Ilot Gabriel, a small island in front of the coast. The trip on the boat was wonderful, floating the blue waters and soaking in the views. The little island had wonderfully white beaches and was a perfect spot for some snorkling to see beautifully colored fish. We went back to the bay area in the afternoon and spotted a giant turtle on our way back to top of this trip.


Yoga – on this trip I found some nice yoga places. I really enjoy starting the day with an early yoga class before breakfast and before the rest of the world wakes up. I wrote a blog to inform you of the ones that I appreciated during this trip.


Horse riding – because I had yoga in the morning we decided to do a horse riding trip at 10am straight after. Not a good idea… Being there in mid summer, with temperatures above 30 degrees, it is pretty hot on a horse at this time of day. So when you do book one, don’t consider any time between 10 am and 5pm. Furthermore horse riding is a nice way to explore a bit of the island.

These are a few of the things I did, but in addition you can do kite surfing, visit the waterfalls, explore the botanical gardens in Pamplemousses, do a city trip to the capital of Port Louis and go diving. Yes, Mauritius is about amazing beaches, but if you’re there for a week there are some great other things to do as well.

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