Street art in Mauritius

Being frequently in East London where street art turns that neighbourhood in an open air museum, I always keep that extra eye open for any form of visual street decoration when I travel. The same when I visited Mauritius in December. While I didn’t have the chance to explore the city of Port Louis where there are some nice pieces, I did run into some lovely ones when frequenting the beaches in the North.

Anse la Raie – when you take the road that follows the coast line all the way up to the North, there is this abandoned building that became the canvas for a wonderful piece. You see this cartoon person floating in a hammock in the clouds, as if to lift you from the real world. It has some great colours and provides a perfect backdrop for any photo shoot if you would ask me.


Grand Baie – in the commercial area of Grand Baie, in the North as well, the tattoo shop in Town has a vibrant red piece on their walls. It lures you in and gives you energy straight off that wall. In the adjacent street, a more modest visual, as like a sketch, can be detected on the first floor above a clothing store.


And then in that Grand Baie area when you visit one of the Marinas this building pops up with an amazing arty decoration on one of the balconies. It screams at you and at the same time it is a subtle interaction with the environment. I think it is the perfect decoration for this building amidst the boats surrounding it.


Cap Malheureux – at one of the bays in the North you will find a shrine almost touching the waters. In addition to the worshipping sculptures the walls of this small building are decorated with religious paintings. Not sure whether I’m offending anyone by calling this street art, but the scene with the water in the back is beautiful. It highlights the different cultures and religions that you will find in Mauritius.



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3 Responses to Street art in Mauritius

  1. mvanbeukering says:

    Weer mooie street art Wij weer veilig thuis na bijna vier en twintig uur onderweg Gelukkig hier mooi weer bijna zonniger als op Bali maar iets minder warm

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad Joep en Mar van Beukering


  2. Monica Koo says:

    You should have seen the one in port louis, chinatown in front of wah lue hong shop. Very nice one!


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