Xmas in the sun

Ever considered a Xmas escape and enjoy it in the sun instead? I love my family, and we did have some nice Xmas celebrations, but they appreciate my thinking that we can spend great dinners together without it being Xmas. In addition we all sometimes need extra sunshine and vitamin D in December when living in the Northern part of Europe, don’t we? So where to go for a sunny Xmas escape?

India – I’ve got this love – hate relationship with India. I love the fact that you step right in a different world, with vibrant colours, entrepreneurial people, different spices, other culture, and all those things that makes it a bit magical. But my heart cries when I see the poverty, the struggle this huge country has for developing to a good standard of living for all, the lack of hygiene, and the caste system that provides an unnatural discrepancy on how people are respected. That said, I enjoyed a wonderful Xmas in Kerala (the South of India) with my sister a few years ago. Give it a try, and this might just be the first time that you have an amazing vegetarian Xmas dinner or see a holy cow walking on the beach with a Xmas hat.


Mexico – coming from travels from Guatemala and Belize I ended up in Mexico for Xmas. I was in Playa del Carmen which provided that tacky, over the top bling Xmas in the sun atmosphere. I remember we went to church to get in the Xmas mood which was a great experience. I probably wouldn’t recommend Playa del Carmen, but close-by you have Tulum which is a different vibe. A beach to die for, a bit more zen locations and of course that sun will guarantee Tulum as a great place to stay for Xmas.

Mauritius – living in London Mauritius is just a direct flight away. You step in the plane in the evening, and when you wake up you are in paradise. I went to the North of the island for the majority of my stay and Xmas. While in some countries they are pointing out where to find the white beaches, in Mauritius they are all white! The sand is like a white powder and with the sun on the Indian Ocean the most amazing aqua colours emerge. These ingredients make for some luxury hotels to pop up. And it wasn’t hard to find one that gave a perfect setting for a Xmas dinner against the backdrop of a movie like scenery.


I know that Xmas lights in a palm tree or a Xmas tree are not the same, and sharing a Xmas meal with family reminiscing over past experiences and discussing future plans can be great, but sometimes I can’t resist and I need that sunny break. Let me know what recommendations you would have when I’m looking for a sunny Xmas next.


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