Stockholm in a day

I have been to Stockholm a few times this year, and when I heard that snow had joined Stockholm a few weeks ago there was this urge to go again. Stockholm is lovely with snow. But my schedule was a bit different and I didn’t really have a chance. So time to reminisce and look back on how to spend a day in this beautiful city.

Photography museum – my favourite museum in Stockholm for sure is Fotografiska museum. This museum has wonderful exhibitions all year round and will never disappoint you. It is perfect to start your day and kick it off with cultural energy.


Stroll around Sodermalm – no it is not exactly like East London, but it is getting close. This area is the bohemian chic neighbourhood where you will find vintage shops (Scandinavian vintage!), the organic vibe in restaurants and bars, and that creative crowd. Spend a few hours here to get your presents for home and drink your soya latte while watching the locals.


Go for a swim – at the end of the day, before you go for that well deserved drink, do like the locals and go for a swim in the archipelago. There are many islands where you will find a park that gives a nice entry for a swim. I did so when I was there over summer two years ago and I really enjoyed it.

Nacka beach and J Restaurant – this will give you a few things in one. You need a boat trip to get to Nacka beach, so tick that ‘waterview of Stockholm’ of the list. Fjaderholmarna Express runs every 30 minutes and gets you there in 20 minutes for a few krona a round trip. Nacka beach has a great terrace at J restaurant with fashionable locals – tick the box ‘meet some interesting Stockholm locals’. And J restaurant is part of the designer hotel on the island, which is the perfect place for a dinner when the sun sets, tick the box ‘eat in Stockholm design location’. You’ll be sure to enjoy a nice afternoon here before dinner.


Nightlife in Stockholm – I always say that Sweden has some of the most beautiful people in Europe. And when people go out, they often try to make even more of an effort. So enjoy a night out and make some new friends. I wrote a blog to give you some tips on where to go.

I know it’s winter now, and Stockholm will be covered in snow while the above is more focused on a summer stay. But if you skip the swimming, all of this program will still give you a memorable stay.



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