Outdoor life in Boulder, Colorado!

Boulder is a University city of over 100,000 people located against the mountains of Colorado. I had the pleasure of spending a few days there and it stole my heart. It is a bit of a rebel city with students driving the organic element, activists recruitment and small town feel of the place. But most of all it is a city where people enjoy being close to nature.


Outdoor life – One morning I went out on a 5 mile hike, and it was great to start off at the dark in the morning. And even more wonderful when being welcomed by sunrise when time passed and we went up higher. I was walking steadily using the steep and stony track, but the locals passed me by running up the hill as if this was a flat Dutch track.


On another day we went for a bike tour which was as amazing. We went the way up first and saw cars coming from the mountains with the first fresh snow at the cars roof tops and this was early October. The way back downhill was a walk in the park and made you realise that actually you had some exercise going.

And of course I had some yoga as well. While not really an outdoor thing with the temperatures happening when I was there, it certainly gave me another morning exercise to enjoy.

Shops – Boulder itself is a sweet town with independent shops and a lot of stores providing you all the gear you need to have the best outdoor experience. The big outdoor brands like Fjallraven, and Pantagonia are mixed with smaller upcoming brands like OPO, and Sherpani. It is lovely to walk through town and chill after you have done your exercise in the morning.


Hotel – I had the pleasure of staying in the St Julien, a 5 star hotel with spa and all the services that you can expect from a luxury hotel. The room I had was spacious and had a great view at the mountain. Add to this wonderful service from the staff and you have found your perfect place to stay.


I think a university city always gives a town a different vibe and it gives Boulder that vibrant, rebel and lively feel that would want you to come back again.


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1 Response to Outdoor life in Boulder, Colorado!

  1. Ziggo mail says:

    Lieve Mariska,

    Je bent nog lekker bezig geweest, jij hebt je tijd goed besteed

    Heeft je moeder het nog over Bali gehad met jouw ?? daar willen we eventueel naar toe, maar ze wilden van jouw Mariska het een en ander weten

    Je vader


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