4 reasons to visit Formentera

So close to Ibiza, just 30 minutes by boat, and probably 99% of the Ibiza travellers never have set foot on this lovely island. But if you need a few days of a more relaxed vibe and can resist your FOMO urges for Ibiza then Formentera is your place to be.


1 – Great accommodation – we found an amazing villa that had a few adjacent cottages for holiday let. While it is hard to afford a villa with just two, this was the perfect solution. The good thing was that the villa was not rented out, so we could use the amazing swimming pool, roam the estate in the morning without being disturbed and get up to chill in the hammock and write this blog. The villa was called Mi Cielo and can be booked via airbnb or direct.


2 – Nice places to visit – there are these little towns like Pilar de la Mola, Sant Ferran or Sant Fransesc Xavier that are so worth a visit. Go visit in the morning, take your breakfast, and check some shops or the local market. Be one with the locals and before you know it you have made new friends. In Pilar there is a hippie market each Wednesday and Sunday from 4pm till 10pm. Sant Ferran is nice for the evening when it is buzzing in the main street. towns

3 – Amazing beaches with the clearest water – and of course we need some beaches. Do your research because the aqua beaches are amazing, but sometimes a bit harder to find. I visited Playa Llevant, Playa Roques, Playa Migjorn which all had the clearest blue waters and white sandy beaches that you can’t resist.


4 – Wonderful food – this Island is predominantly visited by Italians, so the restaurants often have some Italian food on the menu. Watch your hours though, because the ‘all-day-eat’ policy doesn’t apply here in every restaurant. Most restaurants have a break between lunch and dinner and some (on the beach) just do lunch which is the long late Spanish lunch times. I will get you a blog with the specifics on where to go.


Have I convinced you to go? Let me know when I have and how you enjoyed it!


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1 Response to 4 reasons to visit Formentera

  1. Nicolette says:

    Such good ideas and lovely photos. Definetely on my list!


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