Biarritz as your holiday destination

My friend’s mum has a house in Biarritz and invited me to join for a bit over summer. The South of France, catching up with a lovely friend, and beach are the best reasons to convince me to join. I visited for 5 days in August and was surprised about what a hidden gem Biarritz is. While there are a lot of French tourists, it doesn’t seem to be frequented by an international crowd, which makes it a great holiday destination. Please find a few more reasons why you should consider going.

Biarritz is a beautiful city – Biarritz has these authentic buildings throughout. With the Casino and the Palace hotel as the landmark monuments in town, all the buildings around town breathe grandeur and French history. It’s the best to walk through town on an early morning and take your coffee from the Palace hotel overlooking the mediterranean.


Loads of activities at the beach – the beaches are the best and will entertain you with activities like peddle boarding, surfing, or kite surfing. When you are not the active type just chill on these white sandy beaches and go for a dip in the sea with the lifeguards watching you. I also enjoyed a wonderful Sunday morning yoga class at the beach which was a great way to start the day.


Amazing wining and dining – can I just repeat: this is the South of France…. There are amazing bars, the food is delicious and the influence of Spain close by provides you with a mix of food options ranging from authentic French to Spanish inspired tapas style. And a few of those restaurants are overlooking the sea so you can have dinner while sun sets. My recommendations are La Plancha at IlBiarritz where there are no reservations possible but the wait is worth it, or Tantina de la Playa at Bidart beach with some amazing seafood dishes.


Wonderful beach bars – my favourite one for sure was La Voile Rouge, a beach bar at Bidart beach next to Biarritz where during summer every day from 5 till sunset they had a DJ, a small band, an MC, or another musical combination providing the tunes while the crowd enjoyed rose, aperol or local wine. The other one not too miss was les 100 marches (100 steps). This one is located on top of the bay and would take 100 steps to get down to the beach. Or how about Le Comptoir de Foie Gras in the middle of town, which is serving some lovely tapas and has a great outdoor terrace.


Great beaches – and of course beaches! There are the beaches in Biarritz, or to the North or South of Biarritz you can find wonderful sandy beach like Anglet, IlBiarritz, Bidart or take a bit of a ride and visit the surf town of Hossegor for a change.


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