The 5 best yoga spots in the world

On my travels I often try to squeeze in a yoga session. When I arrive to a holiday destination I frantically start looking for the flyers at organic cafes, talk to the hippie crowd in town and bother the hotel staff for the best yoga places. Yes, internet gives me good info also, but sometimes the yogi that wanders the world, stops in a place and just prints flyers instead of building a website and improving keywords to be found on-line, are the best. My searches resulted in some amazing places to do yoga. Please find here my top 5.

Ko Phangan, Thailand – the Island known for full moon parties also has a more chilled crowd. I was here with a really good friend and we are perfect travel companions. We party together, but sometimes I bail out a bit sooner than she does. This means that she needs to catch up sleep in the morning while I’m already wide awake. So I take a yoga class in the morning and come back just in time to enjoy breakfast together and pick up our joint plans for the day. This is also what happened in Ko Phangan a few years ago. The full moon party was great, and a bit crazy and I went back. For the morning I had found this girl who gave yoga classes in her shed on the rocky side of the island. We had an amazing sea view and an intimate class with 5 yogi as more she couldn’t fit. A perfect wake up after a crazy night.


Montezuma, Costa Rica – going to Costa Rica for a yoga retreat I changed from a London city life to that of an Eco tourist in the jungle. And I loved it! I joined Anamaya resort in the middle of the tropical forest. This meant that the yoga decks had amazing views over Montezuma bay, the howling monkeys were waking up with us for the early yoga sessions, and the iguana winked at us from the trees opposite. In my down-ward-facing-dog I felt part of nature, and the session just couldn’t take me long enough.


London, United Kingdom – in London we have loads of amazing places and the organisation Yogasphere takes advantage of that and started providing yoga classes. One of their spots is the Shard. This tallest building in London has a viewing deck at the 69th floor, and on a Saturday morning before it opened up to the public I joined one of their yoga classes there. The class was a good level, but what beat it all was the view all around us. It was a bright morning and historical sites around us looked amazing while the was rising.


Canggu, Bali – Bali has an abundance of yoga places and I tested quite a few there. My top one is for sure Desa Seni. The classes are given in a purpose build set up in the middle of a small resort with private villas and a wonderful pool. The minute you enter their premises you feel like in paradise. It is a green oasis with touches of zen symbols and a great team of yoga teachers. They offer 4-5 different yoga classes a day and the level of the sessions is pretty high. After class the best thing was to chill in their tea house, zip a kombucha tea, and finish it off with a dip in their pool.

desa seni

Biarritz, France – what is better than yoga with your feet in the sand and the sound of a sea in the background? This is just what I had when in Biarritz this year. When searching for yoga classes in Biarritz on-line I wasn’t successful. I was there for a long weekend, but here none of them didn’t seem to offer any yoga classes on a Saturday or Sunday. I had given up until our dinner on Saturday night and we picked up a flyer which mentioned Sunday morning yoga classes. Although pretty late I dropped them a note, and early in the morning they informed me that they were happy to welcome me. Just in time for me to get my stuff together and head to the beach for the 9.30 class. In a secluded beach on the French coast we had a hatha class with 6 others, feet in the sand and the sound of the sea in the background. Perfect.

biarritz yoga



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