A drink and dinner in Helsinki

Helsinki in Summer is the best! While locals go for a a full exodus during July, the city dips in tranquility and with a bit of luck you will get sunshine, long days and the best time for exploring. I found a few new places that just opened recently and I can highly recommend. In winter also;-).

Loyly sauna, bar, restaurant – when I came to Helsinki I asked a few friends about the new places in town. Friends, hotel staff, any magazine I picked up talked about Loyly. So I hardly could ignore this after, and headed to this new hot spot in town. Loyly is an architectural wooden beauty on the water front in an industrial area. It has a sauna, a restaurant, and a big outdoor area with a terrace where you can watch the cruise liners come in. The sauna element is a bit odd for non-Finnish-Europeans, but probably totally normal in this part of the world. I fully understand the hype and hope that beyond this first summer it will still be able to attract this lovely crowd.


Spis Restaurant – Not new new, but new enough for me to pay a visit. At Spis – which means stove – there are just 18 seats in a small low key restaurant. The service is professional and welcoming and makes you focus totally on the food, where it is all about. You are asked to choose between a 5 or 7 course meal and inform on your dietary  restrictions. From then onwards all is in the chef’s hands and you will have an evening with amazing food. you might not always feel like handing over your food choice, but this is so worth it. I’m sure you will appreciate it as much as I did.


Latva bar – just around the corner from Spis restaurant you will find a bar that you can’t pass on. Latva bar looks low key from the outside, but when you pop inside you will find a great bar and a professional bartender team. They have an impressive cocktail menu, but give them your favourite cocktail and they will be able to do you a perfect one. They are also known for the micro brews, so if you’re a beer lover this is one place to go. You’ll be there with the locals and feel special having stepped in to this place that originally looked like your grandma’s hangout.

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1 Response to A drink and dinner in Helsinki

  1. mvanbeukering says:

    Weer mooie locaties,

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad Joep en Mar van Beukering



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