48 hours in Florence

You want a break, good food, some sun maybe, and an authentic setting. Then Florence easily will pop up in your top 5 list. So you buy a ticket, book your apartment via airbnb and fly off to Italy. Read this blog and you have got your first 48 hours in this Italian city sorted.


Enjoy the food – isn’t Italian food the best food in Europe? The most simple pasta is a delight to your taste buts and challenges your culinary senses. In these 48 hours you will have just enough meals with your lunches and dinners to mix some authentic restaurants, with that great new concept restaurant, and the best place to eat your chianina. Check here on where to go.


Visit museums – you can’t leave Florence without at least having visited the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery or il Duomo de Firenze. For the first two you better organize to get tickets in advance as you might be disappointed just turning up at the door. For the cathedral the queue was not too bad and a good excuse to enjoy the crowd. The Uffizi shows a great collection of paintings and sculptures commissioned by the Medici family. The Accademia hosts the original David sculpture from Michelangelo since 1873.


Wander around Boboli gardens – while the above mentioned activities will mainly keep you inside, the Boboli gardens are a great way to see another historical site and spend it outside with some lovely sunshine. Again these gardens were owned by the Medici family and originated in the 16th century. The 45,000 square meters garden is decorated with 16th century sculptures, and has some lavish fountains.


Shop the brands – Italy is known as a fashionable country and Florence is a great city to find the Italian brands and latest fashion. Block a few hours to check the flagship stores for Pinko, Gucci, Prada, Sergio Rossi, Patrizia Pepe, shall I continue? But also try to locate flow store, which is almost a mini-warehouse with a nice collection of smaller local brands, or ottod’Ame which gives you clothes in bright colors.

Create your own perfume – perfume making is a great craft in Florence. You will find different laboratories that can offer to make your own perfume. I visited Flor which shows a world of wonder behind a random door in the old city. Flor was created just a few years ago by a creative mind who had a passion for creating scents that blow your mind.


I think the above will fill your 48 hours easily, and give you a great experience in this authentic city. Let me know if you have longer to spend and I will give you ever so many options to enjoy a few days more in and around Florence.



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