A night in Stockholm

Yes, Stockholm is worth a longer stay than just one night, but what if you are on a business trip, you have a good friend in Stockholm and just this one night at your finger tips….? You take this one evening and make it a great one. What does help, is if that night is in June, when it doesn’t feel like a night, because it is light and bright till approximately 11pm.

After checking in your hotel, and I recommend Story Hotel, chill out in the hotel bar. Story Hotel, make sure it is the one at Riddargatan, is a boutique hotel with lovely designs and quirky voices when you use the elevator. The hotel bar called Ling Long is a popular place and serves great cocktails. Professional bartenders man the bar at Ling Long and will give you a good start of your night.


After your cocktail go for one more aperetivo on a terrace to catch the rays of the long-lasting sun. How about the  terrace at the Royal Dramatic Theatre building with lovely views across the water. The bar has just opened and you need to pass through the lobby which was  a bit quiet, but the terrace was packed when I went there and had a great vibe on this Tuesday evening. The building breathes Stockholm nostalgia and grandeur, perfect for mingling with the locals.


We then went on to go for dinner at the Lydmar hotel, but it was around 9.30pm, the sun was still out and why not do another drink at their terrace? The Lydmar hotel offered a lovely menu and served nice food. The other day I went to Hillenberg restaurant which offered wonderful food in a New York/Scandinavian setting. It is around the corner from Story Hotel and the food is amazing.


After the Lydmar hotel we went on for one more, and as it was still light it was the terrace at the Royal Swedish Opera where we ended up. Taking in the last light at this summer night on a terrace overlooking Stockholm was a fine setting for a perfect ending of a great night.



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