Street art in Florence

So not a logical combination: authentic Florence and screaming Street art. But the street art in Florence is different: it is subtle, smoothly blends with the historical surroundings and gives you a wink into modern times without being disturbing. I can tell you that if you would ask the majority of Florence visitors, they will not have noticed the works from these few artists. I will try to open your eyes though to be inspired and look out for the following….FullSizeRender

Clet Abraham – Clet changes traffic signs. His stickers with funny men mocks with the sometimes ridiculous traffic signs placed in cities. He is an Italian living in Florence and most of his works can therefor be found here, but he is slowly progressing in an international career. I spotted the following one in Florence.


Blub – Blub, an emerging, anonymous street artist, has started a Florentine phenomenon. L’arte Sa Nuotare (translated as “art knows how to swim”) is a series of famous portraits where the subjects are portrayed underwater with scuba gear. You can find the artworks all over town in the faded blue colors. The topics of his artworks are famous historical artefacts or famous persons, some examples below…


Exit/Enter – This artist does a sticky men all over town. It’s a cute one with a happy feel to it. The idea behind this is an artist who is known for walks through Florence. He was frustrated by the lack of opportunities for young artists and started making the city his canvas. In Toc Toc Florence you can read more about him (native Italian speakers only).

exit enter

MEP – And then we have poetry on the walls of Florentine buildings. White A4 sheets with some inspiring words decorate rustic buildings. They are the work of Movimento per l’Emancipazione della Poesia, which, for the past six years, has presented poetry in unexpected places. And it is not just in Florence that you can find these pieces of art, but it is said to be found in 14 cities in Italy.


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