Why go to Costa Rica?

Everybody knows that Costa Rica has no army, two sides of the country facing the ocean, amazing tropical forest, lovely weather, but is this worth all these hours in a plane? What can you find that will astonish you, surprise you and be the argument to board that plan? I will give you a few reasons.

Live the active life – as the amazing nature is all around you in Costa Rica, there are some great ways to enjoy it. Zip lining is offered throughout the country as the hilly environments are enabling this. Where you have the tropical forest with the tall older trees, there are canopy walks that you might not have encountered in any other country yet. Walking amongst the trees above ground is a great experience. And in addition to this how about hikes up to waterfalls and go for a dip, or enjoy some rafting in the rivers?

Learn to surf – with those coasts at the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, nice luke warm water, enough surf dudes to give you a hand, this is the best place to learn to surf. On the west side where I spent most of the time, there was always a spot to get some bigger or smaller waves. You will learn to check the tides to make sure you get there are the best time of day. Montezuma is a good location to give it a try and from there it is possible to move up to Santa Teresa if you want to hit some bigger waves.


Enjoy the wild life – while in Europe you pay zoo entrance to see some wild life species, in Costa Rica just step out from your hotel. Iguanas cross your way, different kinds of monkeys swing the trees, coloured birds pass by, coatis snuffle around checking for food, and big butterflies circle around your head. I was just amazed every time any of the above happened and I realised I was not in the tropical garden at London zoo.


Go organic – Costa Rica has a healthy attitude to life. So don’t be surprised to find in the tiniest village, that the majority of restaurants offer organic food, with ample choice for vegans and vegetarians. And the permaculture farms often offer voluntary opportunities if you are interested to spend your holidays differently.


Visit a volcano – Volcano Arenal 90km from capital San Jose might be your opportunity to visit a volcano that is still active. The last eruption was in 2010 and when I was there 17 years ago, I could see the lava come from the Volcano which gave it a wonderful glow during the evenings.

Be a yogi – there are loads of choices to do yoga in Costa Rica. Whether it is a few yoga classes throughout at the nearby hotel or a full week yoga retreat with 2 to 3 sessions during the day. Check my blog on what I explored during my weeks in Costa Rica.


Sit under a palm tree – and sometimes regular life is so busy that all you want to do during your holiday break is watch the ocean sitting under a palm tree. Costa Rica has the best white beaches and palm trees to take that break and think about what is next.


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    Lieve Mariska

    Ga jij alle mooie verhalen bundelen tot een Mariska Lonie Planet

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