Am I an eco tourist in Costa Rica?

I was in Costa Rica 17 years ago, the friend that I went with reminded me. So this time I didn’t feel like I needed to see the Volcano at Arenal, do a canopy walk, or check the waterfalls that you find in many places. But I felt like going again as this country showed me some of its beauty that still attracted me without the urge to run around.

Yoga – So I signed up for a yoga retreat on the west coast, in the time of year that you’re guaranteed to have the best weather. The pictures were amazing and so was the resort. With a group of just over 20 people we were going to spend this week with Kelly and Ted who would give us yoga twice a day on the decks that overlooked the bay of Montezuma. The reality was even more amazing than the pictures and while we are asked to close our eyes in shavasana I couldn’t help to often take a peak to soak in the view.


Food – What I didn’t realise was that part of the deal was a ‘meal plan’ that included morning snack, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Not too keen on all-inclusive schedules I thought I would just give it a try the first day. While the vegans and non-dairy yogis were all around me I digged in to the most wonderful organic food. Jeff and his team prepared fresh fruit with self made granola as the morning snack, breakfast local style with a twist after yoga, Asian, Moroccan, or Costa Rican lunch, the afternoon snack was an always surprising combination of juice, and dinner beat it all with wonderful flavours that surprised our senses each night. And while my fellow tourists were talking about the need for chocolate and chips, I couldn’t get enough of the organic food.


Farm – 80% of the greens that we were served were sourced from a farm nearby that was run by a local team with volunteers based on the permaculture principles. Rancho Deliciosa looked like it needed a lot of work and in the heat of the season was probably a tough environment to enjoy your break, but oh what amazing food it delivered! Me being not the best cook – understatement;-) – so appreciated the little wonders that Jeff created from the materials we saw at the farm.


Eco-tourist – Am I an Eco tourist? I’m not sure. My carbon footprint certainly increased taking a few planes to get to this resort. I felt an intruder spending time doing a down-ward-facing-dog while a howling monkey sorted the back ground noise, and an iguana didn’t blink an eye from the tree opposite. I enjoyed the organic food, but felt like a queen being treated the last supper each night. The salty water in the infinity pool instead of with chemicals didn’t bother at all as the view was amazing. So no, not an eco-tourist but just a yogi in paradise.




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