A garden in your office, shop, hotel, ..

In different places you see that we’re trying to bring gardens back into our lives. And then I mean really INTO our lives. While a garden used to be the place outside of your home, we’re now bringing them inside to places where we are not used to seeing them. yet. That is changing, travelling the world I came across gardens in warehouses, art fairs, hotels, museums and offices.

A garden at Frieze Art fairFrieze Art fair is one of the most forward looking art fairs in London. Through the art you will be able to pick up trends that shine in architecture, fashion, and design. Frieze Art fair always takes place in October in Regents Park, but this year the park was also noticeable inside. One of the art stands was turned into a flourishing garden. The green trees, and bushes stood out and gave the stand a warm vibe.


A garden at warehouse Le Bon Marché – When in Paris you should visit warehouse Le Bon Marché, not to spend all your money, although you easily could, but to absorb new ways of presenting premium goods and finding these unique products. Where else could you spot a product called ‘Aloha Granola’? I was there in October and when I strolled through the fashion section they had build a mini garden just next to the Philosophy clothing and Victoria Beckham dresses. Not a regular sight.

bon marche garden

A garden at the Chanel exhibition – In London Chanel organised a brand embracing 6 weeks exhibition called ‘Mademoiselle Privé‘ which I mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Besides from taking us through time in Chanel history and present unique pieces, there also was a whole room designed as a minimalist garden. The outside was brought inside shaped through Chanel eyes. It was a quiet space in an exhibition that overwhelmed you with visual impressions.

chanel garden

A garden at my Hotel – both in Milan and in London I regularly stay in a hotel. While enjoying the great beds, lovely service, perfect cocktails that I don’t find at my own home, I also walked into some gardens in unfamiliar places recently. At The Ace hotel in London you feel like you walk through a jungle when pushing through the entrance. And in the Milan hotel the garden creeps up on you enthusiastically from the balcony. Both hotels not only introduce green physically in their environments, but also have a green policy with regards to the products they use and environmental friendly approach.

hotel garden

A garden at Tate Modern – in addition to all of the above are we now surprised that the Turbine hall in Tate Modern London has turned into a minimalist garden for six months?Empty Lot is a large geometric sculpture created using scaffolding, a grid of triangular wooden planters, and soil collected from parks across London. Nothing will be planted in the soil, but it will be lit by lamps and watered throughout the six month display. These mini gardens are intended to provoke questions about the city and nature, as well as wider ideas of chance, change, and hope. And isn’t this what all of the gardens mentioned above are trying to do?

abraham Tate



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  1. Ziggo mail says:

    Lieve Mariska,

    Heb jij al die tuinen bezocht ??

    Ga jij al jouw mooie verhalen bundelen ??

    Wij weer heel thuis

    Je vader


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