The top 5 markets in London

Wikipedia will give you a list of over 70 markets in London. How do you pick your favourite? For me it is about the markets that are different, authentic, and with a London vibe will make it easy for you and give you my top 5.

Maltby Street Market – Maltby Street Market is in the South of London. It is a market about waking up on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning and making your way down for a brunch or lunch at the stalls on the Ropewalk. The market is mainly about food, but there are a few vintage stores under the archways. It is a sizeable market and you will be able to get through quickly if you want to, or dwell for a while taking it all in on a lazy pace.


Borough Market – this is probably the most busy one on the list, but also because it is one of the most amazing food markets. With probably food from every continent under the arches of the railway tracks when you get off at London Bridge underground. You can spend hours wandering around, tasting, and taking in the smells of all what is on offer. You might want to check the odd hours for your visit to avoid the crowd.


Monocle Xmas Market – it might not be really fair to give you this one on the list, as it is just on one weekend each year, being the first weekend in December. But Tyler Brule and his team from Monocle are giving you this one weekend gem with the brands that are design accredited, authentic, and fair trade worthy. Don’t expect to spend hours here, but be visually amazed. And of course you will find a DJ and reindeers to give it the special Monocle touch.


Chatsworth’s Street Market – we will need at least one market in East London on the list. And while you probably know about Broadway Market, Sunday Up Market, and the markets at Brick Lane I would like to introduce you to Chatsworth’s street market or Chatsworth’s Road. This market is on Sunday and gives you handcraft, vintage shops, great cafes for a lunch, and food stalls. And what’s more, it comes without the crowd.


Chiswick Car Boot sale market – in the West of London where the high net worth individuals splash out, you have car boot sales also. And the Chiswick one is probably the best one for some great finds. Every first Sunday of the month (except for the really chilly winter one), the car boot sale in Chiswick is on and you will find your vintage Laboutins, Cavalli dress, or Prada bag sold out of the back of a luxury car.


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