5 Reasons to visit Milan

“Do you like Milan?”, I was asked just this week when I visited the city again. I must say I answered the question hesitantly, telling that I wasn’t sure. While I love the creative vibe, the fashionable people, the amazing brand stores, I also see that this city still has areas where deterioration rules, where historical buildings are neglected and business sense is overruled by illogical commercial decisions. Let this not stop you though to visit this Italian city to form your own opinion. I will highlight for you five you reasons why you should definitely go.

1 Beautiful hotels – For me Milan is about amazingly beautiful hotels. They will go extreme in design and architectural genius. I recently stayed at NHOW hotel  a bit from the centre, which has turned an industrial building in an impressively warm but extremely modern location for you to stay. Throughout the hotel you will find art pieces, bigger and smaller, and design furniture blending in with the industrial structure.


2 The best bars – Milan is about bars that offer you their signature cocktail for 22 euros, delivered with enough finger food to cover your evening meal. At the Bulgari hotel, another amazingly beautiful hotel, I came down for a drink at the bar. Their signature drink based on the Italian Aperol, came with more than 10 mini portions of finger food, like spinach and mash, pizza, olives, crisps, peanuts, crudités, and bread to just name a few. The staff makes you feel like a king, and when in a beautiful surrounding sipping this signature drink although expensive it was definitely worth the experience.


3 Amazing fashion stores – Find fashion stores that embrace the creativity in their city by incorporating decorations in their stores that go beyond supporting the fashion, and stand out as art pieces in their own rights. Please see below a few examples from flagship stores from Patrizia Pepe, Pinko and the Et Vous.


4 MUDEC – The Museo dell Culture just opened in 2015. Designed by David Chipperfield the industrial building is used to open up great exhibitions spaces around an impressive entrance with staircase. the permanent exhibition has a nice overview of ethnographic pieces from all over the globe. At the same time there was a Barbie exhibition in place which found a play full way to present woman rights and opportunities over time.


5 Creative Street Art – Let’s not forget the street art in town, where street artists started using the outdoor meter boxes on the streets as their legal canvasses for creative designs. Watch out for those, and you will see that many of those will have a visual which turns the meter boxes to a decorative piece on the street.

IMG_5288 (1)



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