Off from Broadway Market, London

Who doesn’t know Broadway market in London? It is one of the buzzing hubs in East London that still attracts locals, but also a lot of tourist. The combination of quirky shops, eateries and authentic market stalls, makes it great destination for a morning or afternoon stroll. When there don’t forget to visit Climpson & Sons coffee shop, or take a lunch break at El Ganso for some great tapas.


But if you are reading this, you probably are trying to find something a bit more hidden and not too touristy. So my advice would be to stroll Broadway market and then take a right at the end (when heading direction London Fields).  You will immediately lose some of the crowd, and if you keep walking to your right you will see another hidden outdoor market space. This open area will give you some great eateries like La Bao Truck with your Vietnamese treats, or Howard’s Meat Company that brings wood smoked meat from Texas to London, or the most amazing pastries from Victoria Yum. A great place to hang out with the true locals.


And when done here, continue and take another right just after the rail road. At Mare Street you will find Hackney Bureau a great cafe where you will see the staff in the open kitchen do their utmost to prepare you the most amazing eggs benedict with guacamole. And again not many tourist here. After your breakfast, brunch, or lunch at Hackney Bureau check the second hand furniture store Hackney Furniture that brings you vintage with a twist. It supports house clearances and removals and the furniture in store is then up-cycled. Maybe it is a bit overpriced, but it will definitely bring a smile to your face with any of those quirky objects. And isn’t half of the charm that you can say “This is what I brought back from Hackney”, and giving you a physical memory for life?


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