Art and fashion definitely love each other

In a city like London it is hard to keep up with all that is happening in art, spirits, fashion, sport, etc. But recently we see art and fashion marrying up in joined events which makes it a big easier! Fashion seems to be getting close to art and exploring the artistic ways to rub off on the brand in question. This makes that some wonderful projects come to life. Please let me take you through some extraordinary examples of this happening in our dearest London.

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition – at the Strand – For a period of 6 weeks Louis Vuitton secured a space in the heart of the city to expose the brand claiming an artistic presence. Over two floors in the building at The Strand the brand invited via social media and traditional off-line communications to join them. The building was unrecognisable from within  and the brand took  the visitor through a journey that explored different elements of the brand’s products. From a digital round house, to a replica Louis Vuitton workshop, and stunning show room. What I appreciated most was the round house that had a floating Louis Vuitton suitcase in the middle, and a lovely brand film being played all around you. You felt like you were lifted in a different world.


Mademoiselle Prive – Chanel at the Saatchi Gallery – Almost at the same time Chanel opened an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. You wonder whether those marketing directors joined the same brainstorm session;-) For a 3 week period Chanel secured the three-story gallery at one of the most premium locations in London, Sloane Square. As with the Louis Vuitton exhibition, the building was unrecognisable from within and touched on different elements of the brand. Mademoiselle Prive from Chanel was a more chronological story-telling, using lovely artistic ways of presenting. I definitely loved the workshops that were happening on the top floor, and where people were introduced to making a Chanel 5 perfume, and beading applications as on a Chanel dress. That this is a success show the long queues over the weekend, and the over 100k people who have come to visit during the three weeks.


This is not all. There are also some wonderful ‘fashion joins art’ projects for which the idea probably started with the museum instead of with the marketing directors. Who doesn’t remember the exhibition on Paul Smith in the Design Museum just a few years ago. This was a lovely tribute to the fashion master with an exhibition called ‘My Name is Paul’. It didn’t just show his fashion, but also gave us a sneaky view into his work environment and curiosa. And in the same museum Laboutin was glorified with a walk through time commemorating the wonderful shoe designs that he pushed out to the world.


The V&A museum is also a good one for cherishing what fashion contributes to the cultural world. The Alexander McQueen exhibition this year at the V&A was a huge success and well valued for the amazing fashion it showed in all its glory. For me this is a marriage made in heaven. While fashion is often the hardest to expose if not shown on a human being, these efforts show that it can be done elegantly, revolutionary and suprisingly artistic.


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