Sardinia for some Italian island fun

Ever considered Sardinia for your holiday break? I can definitely recommend this location for a week of sunshine, great food, and nice atmosphere. Sardinia is probably approximately at most a 2 hour flight from most locations in Europe. In the last few years more low costs carriers started flying here directly, so even more reason to give this a try.


Sardinia has more than 2,000 km of coast line, and offers a wonderful mix of tranquil mountain village and hot spot places. Rent a car and roam the island. Try to visit the capital Cagliari with a medieval quarter. Then make your way up to the north including at least a mountain village stop. When I did alike, we bumped into an annual village festival where the locals embraced us like family and offered us to join in. Full pigs were roasted and eaten late into the evening hours, with a colourful crowd and a music band which added the needed tunes.


Not to miss on your list is Porto Cervo, which is the posh location frequented by the rich and famous in the North of the island. Premium clubs, famous DJs, big brand stores, and some wonderful beaches could be a great finish for your last days at this island.


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