Why Mykonos and not Crete, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Samos, Ios….

I’ve been to a lot of Greek Islands, all of the above and a few more, so you can say that research has been done to defend my number 1 Mykonos. I discovered Mykonos because a few friends of mine convinced me on a rainy January day in a pub in London that this was the best time to book a flight to Mykonos. And when it is grey and rainy, and you are shown pictures of the blue sky, white Greek houses and beaches who can resist?

So I booked and lost my heart after that one visit during August. I’ve been coming every year since, which is really not my thing, because I like exploring new places. Mykonos is magic, another planet, and gets to touch your heart, let me try to explain you how.

Beautiful Greek scenery – The Greek white houses are of course intended to fence of the sun, but with the blue doors it also provides the most amazing eye candy when walking through town.


Good shopping – Big brands and small boutique shops go shoulder to shoulder. You will find your Gucci next to Heel Athens Lab and Maurizio.


Great beaches – Of course what would a Greek island be without amazing beaches. Mykonos has lots of them, but always with this sophisticated vibe, bluest water, whitest sand and beautiful sun.


Lovely crowd – the Myconians are the best and over the years this island gave me some lovely new friends, which besides from during our annual Myconian holidays, I see in other parts of the world also.


Wonderful sunsets – there are too many perfect places on this island to make the sunset a special one. Check out my blog on where to go.


Authentic restaurants – don’t go souvlaki but take your time to enjoy local specialties, fish and authentic Greek food. For example at Flora’s Fish Tavern at Kalafatis where the only woman fisher of Mykonos built a restaurant that you should visit.


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  1. Yoga Escapes says:

    Wonderful post – the true essence of Mykonos!

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