The best sunset places in Mykonos

When you are on an island with the bluest sky, no clouds, and historical surroundings, you are bound to find some amazing spots for a good sunset. Mykonos in Greece offers just that, but in addition some clever people built a few venues and added some tunes, a nice bar or restaurant, attracting the right crowd to enjoy the sunset the most. So for those locations check my list below.

Nammos Beach Club at Psarou beach – Nammos Beach Club started in 2003 and has since established as one of the best locations to enjoy good food, and a party after your lunch while the sun is setting. Nammos is a beach club which offers organized sun beds, a few shops at the venue, a great kitchen, personal training and that DJ that spices it all up from around 6pm. People forget about lunch/dinner, sun beds are abandoned and everybody starts dancing on the tunes. The fact that the sea is close is a welcoming refresher again when it all heats up too much.


Caprice in Chora – against the backdrop of the windmills, set  in the part of Chora that’s called Little Venice Caprice is the venue that will be crowded by sunset for all the right reasons. Caprice is a phenomenon in Mykonos for attracting a nice crowd, great location, good music and lovely staff. Imagine yourself on the Caprice terrace, with the waves trying to catch your feet, a lovely drink in front of you, the authentic greek architecture all around you and the sun setting in the Adriatic sea…. what more could you possibly want?


Alemagou at Ftelia – I wrote about Alemagou before when mentioning the best restaurants in Mykonos. It is in Ftelia a location that is rough, bohemian, and industrial. Alemagou is a place that attracts an eclectic, handsome, laid-back and elegant crowd and with the sun setting just in front of the restaurant, it turned into the place to be for at least one of your evenings at the island.


Scorpios at Paraga beach – it must have been a most hideous rock, but the German owners that also operate Giorgos hotel, made it into an open air but intimate venue that offers a shop, restaurant, bar, sun bed areas and party venue during the evening. Or as they say “Until 6:30pm each day, privacy reigns on Sunset Beach – and then the sunset ritual begins and a beach day turns into a night of possibility.” Worth checking out yourself.


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