My top 10 museums in London

When I started this list, I thought I wouldn’t get further than a top 5. But actually I probably could continue with 10 more after this top 10. The ones below are my favorites though and the London museums that lure me over and over again to come and visit, with interesting and exciting new exhibitions.

Tate Modern – the turbine hall is the most impressive entrance to this museum. It also serves as the biggest exhibition space and artist have gone over the top to fill this with amazing art works. I have seen works from Ai Wei Wei, Olafur Eliasson, `and more recently Richard Tuttle. And the museum itself has enticed me with exhibitions from Damien Hirst, Marlene Dumas, Rothko, Matisse and many other big names to make the decision on a membership an easy one.


Saatchi Gallery – what would we be without this gallery that brings contemporary art to us for free in such a lovely environment. The gallery has been treating us for over 25 years, and currently welcomes over 1.5 mln visitors annually. And while it is the more established names in the Tate, it are the new artist that revolutionise in the Saatchi Gallery.


Victoria and Albert museum – David Bowie, Alexandre Mc Queen, and an exhibition about shoes, do we need more reasons to go? In addition the V&A building is amazing and you can wander around for hours from Egyptian accessories, to the glass department, and ancient art. If you want a relaxed lunch I suggest that you find the Membership room in the glass department, enter through the mirror doors and walk in if you have just visited yesterday. It is bound to work and you will escape the busy crowd for a quiet lunch or coffee.


The Royal Academy of Arts – the summer exhibition is returning each year showcasing the most exciting painting, sculpture, photography, film, and architecture from new and established artists. This has been happening for over 240 years now during the core summer months. The remainder of the year exhibitions from these different disciplines will be taking the floor.


White Cube art gallery – this one is not big, but ever so great to visit for seeing works of established contemporary artists. When visiting Bermondsey for your local finds, and Maltby Street Market, include White Cube and maybe walk into an exhibition from Gilbert & George like I did?


The Hayward Gallery – Where will you have a gallery which will introduce you to art consisting of up-side-down goggles, a room filled from top till bottom with balloons, a intricate tube system that is your sliding exit? The Hayward invites artist that go beyond to the pieces that form their art works and is there for a must do on your list.


Whitechapel Gallery – it must be hard for a gallery in Shoreditch to be more exciting than what is happening on the streets, but Whitechapel is making a good effort.

Phillips – on Berkeley Square in the middle of Mayfair London, Phillips has a modest exhibition space that curates some amazing artist. It is open all days except for Sundays, and offers free entrance. Say hi to the security guards at the door, and enjoy!


Photographers Gallery – photography to me is a wonderful way of art as it captures instantly a moment in time on how society is perceived at by artists living it. The photographers gallery is one of the most contemporary institutions in London and a great place to drop in regularly. Most of the exhibitions are free, so perfect for that moment of inspiration.


National Portrait Gallery – for portrait exhibition from Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy, you will be for sure have an entertaining few hours. The concept of the museum is an interesting one as the National Portrait Gallery was established with the criteria that the Gallery was to be about history, not about art, and about the status of the sitter, rather than the quality or character of a particular image considered as a work of art. This criterion is still used by the Gallery today when deciding which works enter the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

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