8 reasons on why to go to India

Lovely beaches – India can boast on some lovely beaches. Sandy, white and the required palm trees for your shadow. I went to Kerala and Goa (Palolem and White Sand beach) and spent some relaxing days at the beach, after touring the country.

India Beach

Yoga – India breaths yoga everywhere, so you are guaranteed to always find a relaxing escape from the busy, hectic, loud Indian life. The yoga quality differs, but after a few trial and errors you will find your favourite yoga place. Namaste.

The colours – yes, the streets are dark and dirty, but the people live it up with their colourful clothing, spices and even more colourful houses. It gives me that positive vibe I need in a country where income levels are on a different level.


elephantElephants on the street – where else do you see elephants as a mode of transport on the street? I know that protecting animals from abuse is key, but in these instances the elephants are relatively well cared for as they are the core means of income. And you will feel like in a fairy tale with these big animals walking the streets in their slow pace.

Street art – even India has street art! So look in the arty districts in cities like Delhi, or Kochi in the South of India and you will find some creative inspiration just on your door step.

India street art

Amazing historical buildings – of course you will need to see the Taj Mahal being one of the seven wonders of the old ancient World. And then there are amazing palaces, temples, and cities that will take you back a few 100 years.


Watching Indian life – coming from Europe I can just spend an afternoon looking at the busy-ness on the streets, the different habits of the Indian people, the holy cows, and all there is to living a life in Indian. It opens my eyes on different ways of living in all parts of the world.

street life

Wonderful sunsets – whether it is a sunset over the historical city of Udaipur or at the beach over the Indian ocean, it always mesmerizes me. I love looking at the sun setting and life slowly coming to a halt for the evening.

sunset india

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